James & Bloom Custom Closets

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”

One of the most popular trends in home design today is the creation of custom closet spaces. Clients consider larger and custom closets as a “must-have” and are no longer a forgotten frontier. They are aware that the closet is much like the master bathroom, a place where they start and end their day. With a more organized and efficient closet space, things are where they need to be when we need them, making morning and night routines second nature. Increasing efficiency and reducing clutter has a direct correlation to reducing stress, something nobody needs start or end the day with. As closets improve in design, they become more efficient and serve us better which ultimately improves our lifestyle.

With James & Bloom Custom Closets in Birmingham, MI we help you design custom closets to organize and maximize your living space in any area of the home, from closets to the garage, each system is built to your specifications. Whether you need more drawers, hanging, shelving or even a murphy bed, our closets designers in the Birmingham area will work with you to create the perfect solution to your storage needs.

Everything having a place, a purpose, and style.
The design possibilities are endless with our custom closets.

James & Bloom Closet System Features

· Wall hung, suspended or floor mount systems

· Selection of laminates, wood veneers and solid wood finishes

· Selection of moldings, trims and finishing options

· Custom integrated LED lighting

· LED lighted closet rods

· Coffee & beverage areas

· Open activated cabinetry

· Accessories including jewelry trays, ironing boards, hampers and mirrors.

· Shoe & purse storage options

· Selection of hardware, belt valets and hooks.

James & Bloom Closet Systems

James & Bloom closets offer a variety of standard and custom closet systems for walk in and reach-in closets, offices, garages, pantries, laundry and utility rooms, entertainment centers, and more to suit the individual organizational needs of our clients. Following is a list of our more popular closet systems:


No space in the home has grown by a larger percentage than the master bedroom walk-in closet. A James & Bloom custom walk-in closet can add a new selling appeal to a home, and a tremendous benefit to your quality of life and organizational efficiency.


Organized reach-in closets take full advantage of storage capacity, and keep everything easily accessible and in full view. Perfect for a child’s room, a guest room, or as a customized component for a master bedroom, you can rearrange the shelving over time to meet your changing needs.


Whether you’re considering a workstation for your business, home office, or other workspace, our custom closet systems provide what you need. Create a functional and inviting workspace for you or your business clientele.


Our garage cabinets and workstations are perfect for organizing your gardening equipment, building materials, tools, and sporting goods, giving you and your car the extra space you need.


Our custom pantry cabinets and shelving systems are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, a must for every home chef. Maximize your space with wall-to-wall shelving, pull-out shelves, wire baskets, and shelf dividers.


As the casual foyer of the home, laundry and utility rooms are often a common dumping ground for daily clutter. Not only will our closet systems minimize clean-up time and make laundry chores easier, they will add a new dimension of value to your home.


Take advantage of our custom cabinetry systems to improve functionality and highlight your home theater systems. Consider our built-in shelving systems to maximize available wall space. Beautifully integrate the shelving into your space through our wide selection of molding, lighting, glass, drawers, and doors.


Imagine having a guest room when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space the rest of the year. Our murphy beds give you all the comfort and convenience of a guest room without sacrificing the space. That means more room for you, your family and the things that matter most.